Fortalecimiento de la Internacionalización de la Universidad para lograr un Desarrollo Integral en América Latina

Movilidad y Becas

1. I am Latin American and want to do my mobility in another Latin American country, is that possible?

No, CRUZ DEL SUR mobilities are from Latin America to Europe and vice versa, not within Latin America.

2. I am European and I want to do the mobility in another European country, is that possible?

No, CRUZ DEL SUR mobilities are from Europe to Latin America and vice versa, not within Europe.

3. Can I apply for mobility at a university that is not a CRUZ DEL SUR partner institution?

No, you can only apply for a mobility period at a CRUZ DEL SUR Partner university. You can find all Partners on this page.

4. I want to submit my application now, but start my mobility in 2017. Is that possible?

No. If you apply during the second call for application, you will have to start your mobility at the latest on 31 December 2016.

The exception to this rule is staff: they can start their mobility at any time during the running of project, but as any grantee, they need to have finished their mobility period before the official project end date of 14 July 2018.

5. Can I apply to two CRUZ DEL SUR scholarships with a different mobility duration?

No, you can only apply to one mobility type with one fixed duration.

6. Can I apply for two programmes at two universities?

No, you can apply to a maximum number of two different programmes. This means: (1) two different programmes at one single host university; or (2) two different programmes that are taught at two different host universities.